United Administrators of San Francisco
 Local 3: American Federation of School Administrators, AFL-CIO


Welcome to United Administrators
of San Francisco!

We represent administrators in the San Francisco Unified School District.

The United Administrators of San Francisco (UASF) is the official union organization charged with ensuring the equitable treatment and professional well being of its members by working to promote employment conditions that enable supervisory administrators of the school district to operate effectively.

UASF is responsible for developing and providing professional services and activities to promote the success of its membership.

UASF will represent, advocate and defend the rights and collective interest of its membership.

UASF, Local No. 3, is affiliated with American Federation of School Administrators AFL-CIO.

Contact us at:
United Administrators of San Francisco, Local 3 - AFL-CIO
P.O. Box 31940
San Francisco, CA 94131
Phone: (415) 753-2970